Where do your animals come from?

MUTTS takes animals from all over the state of Mississippi, with a majority coming from northern Mississippi. We accept animals from owners who had an unplanned, unwanted litter, and also individuals and Good Samaritans who find animals in need. We also strive, in line with our mission, to alleviate overpopulation in shelters. We accept animals directly from shelters and other rescues with the goal that the time and resources spent to care for those animals will then be available to other residents of the shelter.

Where are MUTTS sent after the foster period?

We work with other 501(c)3 rescue groups in regions of the country that are not battling overpopulation like we do in Mississippi. Our MUTTS are transported to the MUTTS-Maryland team where they are fostered until they find their forever home.


How is MUTTS different than most other rescues?

MUTTS does not focus on adoptions in the South as a means of saving lives of rescued animals, and instead works to send our animals to a larger audience of adopters in a region of the country that has significantly fewer homeless animals due to societal spay and neuter expectations. We work to entirely remove the unwanted animals so that resources here in our state can be spent on the animals remaining. Recognizing this, we are able to take entirely unadoptable animals that WOULD be euthanized in shelters, or abandoned animals left to starve or harm, and we are able to ensure for them a loving home for the rest of their lives.  We work with other Mississippi rescues to help them help more animals by providing an outlet for some of their intakes. This serves the purpose of allowing these other rescues to spend more time and resources on other dogs and cats.


How do the transports work and what’s expected of the driver?

After receiving initial vaccinations and spay/neuter surgeries, our MUTTS are transported to our MUTTS-Marlyand team. Transported animals reside in foster homes and all food, supplies, and medical care is provided by MUTTS until they find a forever home. 


What is the best way to help MUTTS?

Foster, Donate, Volunteer, Social Media. The most beneficial way to help us is to foster animals. Foster opportunities are available with out MUTTS-Maryland team after our MUTTS have been transported. While we understand not everyone is able to do that, it is what our efficiency and ability to continue saving lives relies on. Without foster homes for animals to go into, we are unable to take in more animals in need. 


Donations, monetary or in-kind, fuel our organization. MUTTS is an all-volunteer run organization and we rely on donations to continue our work. Money to cover vet bills, sponsoring a transport (by covering the cost of van rental and gas), and general donations that allow us to purchase needed items are vital to MUTTS. 


In addition, we always need supplies such as crates, bedding, food, toys, collars, leashes and bowls to continue providing our fosters with everything they need to provide optimal care to their animals. 


Volunteering at transport days, fundraisers, or community events is so helpful for us! We can always use more hands at our Transport Days to carry puppies, clean crates, and organize returned supplies. 


If you are tight on time and funds, but still want to help, you can help immensely by just sharing our social media page and posts. Exposure and networking is the most beneficial tool to our success, and we strive daily to increase these things. Like our Facebook Pages (@mississippimutts and @marylandmutts), follow us on Instagram (@msmutts), and spread the word about our work!


Mississippi MUTTS

Mississippi Underdog Transport Team & Spay